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Friday, January 11, 2008

Colonel Abrams - Colonel Abrams (all cuts)

Another Colonel Abrams post for you today. This time around is an entire LP that peaked at number one on the Billboard Dance Disco chart.

Colonel Abrams is the self titled debut album of Colonel Abrams, released in 1985. This album consists of rhythm and blues influenced House music songs with excellent lyrics and charismatic vocal performances from Abrams. Includes four Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles and Tracks chart hits, "The Truth", "Over and Over", "Trapped" and "I'm Not Gonna Let You" as well as the minor R&B chart hit, "Table for Two"

"Trapped", "I'm Not Gonna Let" and "Over And Over" also charted seperately as 12" singles that will be posted in the future. For now enjoy the entire LP that placed Colonel Abrams on the House Music map.

Here is the track listing for this remarkable LP
A1. Trapped - 3:41
A2. I'm Not Gonna Let You - 4:48
A3. Over And Over - 4:24
A4. Margaux - 5:50
A5. Table For Two - 2:44
B1. Truth - 4:45
B2. Speculation - 5:00
B3. Never Change - 5:47
B4. Picture Me In Love - 4:30

Taken from the original LP on MCA 5682
Colonel Abrams - Colonel Abrams
(all songs on one zip file)
LP charted on December 28, 1985. Spent 11 weeks on the chart and reached #1

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vote for DJ Shooter's Year-End countdown

I was searching around for new songs and came across DJ Shooter's Club 80's. If you don't know about this site, it is a DJ mix site where he creates a special mix everyday. While browsing around I noticed he stopped for quite awhile and is now back posting the Ultimix Series in mix form. He is also offering the individual tracks. This might take some time!!!!!!

Anyway, that is not the reason I'm posting this about the site. The real reason I'm making this special post is while I was downloading from his site, I noticed that he is trying something that I don't think any blog has tried before. (At least no to my knowledge)

He is asking all the readers to send him an e-mail with their Top 5 favorite club tracks of the 80's. He will then take all those favorites and rank them from 100 to Number One in a year end mix show. Send him an e-mail at Jklebar@bradyanglin.com and tell him your favorite songs and see what comes out at the end of the year.

You probably guessed that DJ Shooter is me. That is my other site.

All for now.

Bryan Adams - Let Me Take You Dancing

Let Me Take You Dancing is a song recorded by Bryan Adams. It was written by Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams and was later remixed by John Luongo. It is notable for being Adams' first solo single and his first ever release as a solo artist.

The song is a disco track that is somewhat different from Adams' later rock sound. It was one of the first songs that Adams and Vallance wrote together and was based on a rag-time piano riff inspired by Robbie King that Vallance had written. The writing took place during February 1978 and the song was recorded at Pinewood Studios by Geoff Turner. Although the single experienced some minor radio success, respected remixer John Luongo was recruited to remix the song to make it sound like a proper disco track ready for release in the USA. For the remix to be a success, Luongo deemed it necessary to increase the tempo of the song. Unfortunately due to the lack of time compression at that time, it was impossible to increase the tempo of the song without increasing the pitch of Adams' vocals. Adams was disappointed with the sped-up sound.

Co-writer Jim Vallance states that "I don't doubt the single's success contributed to Bryan eventually being signed directly to the label [A&M Records]". However, to this day Adams has distanced himself from the single and has only performed it live on a handful of occasions.

Taken from the original 12" single on A&M 12014
Let Me Take You Dancing (Disco Mix) - 5:35
Song charted on April 28, 1979. Spent 23 weeks on the chart and reached #22

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Colonel Abrams - How Soon We Forget

Colonel Abrams was born in Detroit, Michigan, and raised in Brooklyn, New York. A pioneer in the House Music movement of the early 80's.

Abrams enjoyed a string of very successful entries on the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play chart in the 1980s and 1990s, including four entries that hit number one. In 1987, he had his fourth number-one U.S. dance hit with today's post, "How Soon We Forget".

Taken from the original 12" single on MCA 23767
How Soon We Forget (Extended Version) - 7:49
Song charted on July 25, 1987. Spent 12 weeks on the chart and reached #1

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

ABC - Vanity Kills/Be Near Me

You all probably have this but here it is again. Another ABC post. This one is taken from the IMPORT that was released in 1985. It was a double sided 12" single that contained Vanity Kills and Be Near Me. Both of these songs also charted seperatly on their domestic release but those had different mixes than what is being posted today and will be featured here in the future.

"Be Near Me" is a song by ABC. The hit single from How to Be a...Zillionaire!, it is a message from the group's lead singer, Martin Fry, to an unknown addressee. He commands the addressee not to leave him. It peaked at #9 in the U.S. in the fall of 1985 and at number #26 in the U.K. earlier that year.

The song’s music video depicts the band as a group of cartoon characters that have entered the real world. They are seen performing the song against a white background. During this, the camera makes a series of rolling panning shots, suggesting that the band is inside a ping-pong ball. The song also appeared in the movie The Breakfast Club but was not featured on the album.

While your here check out the US version of the video for Vanity Kills

Taken from the original 12" Import on Neutron Records
Vanity Kills (Mendelsohn Mix) - 6:13
Be Near Me (Ecstasy Mix) - 4:42
Both songs charted on August 10, 1985. Spent 6 weeks on the chart and reached #7

Monday, January 7, 2008

Count Coolout - Rhythm Rap Rock

Can we copy "The Sugarhill Gang" and have a hit ourselves? That is exactly what Count Coolout did with this club hit from 1981.

Listen to this track and I'm sure you will think that your listening to Rapper's Delight (except without the Chic sample.

Count Coolout is really James Minor, who was born in Brooklyn. His style was heavily influenced by Jimmy Spicer and began his career as a background singer for him.

His first record came out in 1980 on Boss Records and was produced by Billy Nichols & the Count. He also recorded on WMOT records.

Although "Rhythm Rap Rock" and "Here To Stay" were his two big records, only Rhythm Rap Rock charted on the dance chart.

As of Summer 2003 he is running his old label, Jathom Records, with product to be released prior to the end of this summer. He is even got some new music of his own in the works.

Taken from the original 12" single on Boss 73
Count Coolout - Rhythm Rap Rock (12" Version) 12:43
Song charted on January 31, 1981. Spent 2 weeks on the chart and reached #82