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Friday, August 3, 2007

ATB - 9pm (Til I Come)

ATB is German producer Andre Tanneberger. He was born in Freilberg in 1973. Earlier in his career he recorded under the aliases Andre Tanneberger, Danny Lee, Naughty A.T.

He has produced music, not only for the dance scene, but, stars like Heather Nova, Moby, William Orbit and Michael Cretu from Enigma has called on him. A-Ha even asked him to supplied remixes for them. Andre has also set up a production school, The School for Engineering and Audio Producing (SEAP), in Bochum. This school helps young producers find their way to a professional career.

Today's post put really put Andre over the top in the summer of 1999. As his first track as ATB, it reached the top of the UK charts and put him on the international scene. I still remember when this track came out. Every night it packed the dance floor and everybody wanted to know the name of the song I was spinning.

Song taken from the original double 12" single on Radikal 99004
Purchase the original 12" single here

9PM (Til I Come) (Sequential Remix) 6:09
Song charted on June 5, 1999. Spent 12 weeks on the chart and reached #7

Check out the video for this song

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Genty - You Don't Know Like I Know

This was a pop hit that peaked at #90 as recorded by Sam & Dave in 1966. Today, it is by Genty. By definition, Genty means neat or clean, that is exactly what this song is. Released in 1980, it sounds as good today as it did then.

This song was hard to find since it did so poorly on the charts and didn't sell well. It only peaked at #62. It is also the only time Genty saw any of their songs on the Billboard Dance Chart.

Song taken from the original 12" single
Purchase the original 12" single here

You Don't Know Like I Know 6:40
Song charted on December 27, 1980. Spent 7 weeks on the chart and reached #62

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Abigail - Let The Joy Rise

Abigail aka Abigail Zsiga was born in England. This female singer has accomplished alot during her career. Here is the biography of Abigail according to her web site.

Abigail Zsiga used to get into trouble for sneaking vinyl out of her father's record collection. While her classmates were busy listening to Wham and Madonna, Abigail was educating herself with Carole King, James Taylor, Squeeze and Supertramp. While only 8 years old Abigail was asked to perform at her school's parent night. The connection she felt that night with her audience was so great that she realized her future could only be that of a singer and a songwriter – communicating her life through music and song.

Trained as a classical vocalist, she later began to experiment with other styles of music, seeking new opportunities while exploring and developing the deep, rich quality and texture that defines and distinguishes her voice. While still a teenager Abigail had her first chart success as a featured vocalist for the UK trance outfit, "The Love Decade". She then teamed up with British producer Ian Anthony Stephens and together they recorded her first full-length album, "Feel Good", which earned her awards for Best Album, Best Female Vocalist and Best New Artist.

Having achieved extraordinary success as a vocalist Abigail knew it was time to once again pursue her other passion; songwriting. Her first writing credit came with the release of “You Set Me Free” in 2000 on Strictly Rhythm Records. Abigail began to visit major publishing companies in search of collaborators with whom she could develop and refine her craft while determining her musical niche. Her art as a singer-songwriter was evolving and it was soon time to put together a collection of her songs which expressed her deepest thoughts, feelings and observations. Abigail’s long-awaited second album, “Home …again” is that stunning collection. It delivers a breathtaking journey of love, loss and triumph that surveys a huge range of emotions and experiences. The title track of the album, a touching tribute to her grandfather penned shortly after his death; the hauntingly beautiful “Songbird”, written at a time of deep personal turmoil; and the proven radio hit “Better With You”, co-written with Dimitri Ehrlich who also co-wrote Moby’s single ‘Where You End’; all prove that Abigail Zsiga’s authenticity is established by her principle that artistic creation establishes and maintains credibility.

In addition to her musical achievements Abigail is also an dedicated advocate for the human rights organization Justice for Children International who work to combat child sex trafficking through advocacy, prevention and aftercare.

Song taken from the original 12" single on Interhit 54035

Purchase the original 12" single here

Let The Joy Rise (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix) 8:03
Song charted on May 8, 1999. Spent 12 weeks on the chart and reached #9

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kraftwerk - Robotronik

THE innovators of the electronic sound, Kraftwerk, formed in Dusseldorf Germany in 1971, consisted of Ralf Hutter, Florian Schneider, Klaus Roeder And Wolfgang Flur. The Kraftwerk sound combines a driving rhythm section with catchy, synthesized melodies and harmony; mainly following a classical style of arrangement accompanied by simple lyrics which are sometimes sung through a vocoder or generated by computer speech software. The Moog Synthesizer is heavily present in the majority of the group's works, adding to their signature sound creations. In the mid to late 70's & early 80's, the Kraftwerk sound was revolutionary for its time, and it has had a lasting impact across nearly all genres of modern pop music.

In 1991 the band released The Mix which featured newly arranged, re-recorded versions of a selection of songs which had originally appeared on the albums Autobahn through Electric Cafe. Hütter stated in interviews that he regarded this album as a kind of "live album", as it captured the results of the band's continual digital improvisations in their Kling Klang studio. The track sequence mostly followed the same order as they were performed in concerts.

The album met with a rather mixed reception on its release. Many were disappointed at the lack of new compositions and, moreover, the production values of the re-recorded tracks did not strike many listeners as particularly cutting edge, something which Kraftwerk had previously been renowned for. The Mix was created entirely digitally, albeit during a period when the technology had yet to reach its maturity, and thus featured a sound which many listeners tend to find somewhat "sterile" compared to the analogue electronics employed on most of Kraftwerk's previous recordings of these songs.

The album sleeve was somewhat obtuse in the information it offered. However, the reality was that longstanding members Wolfgang Flur & Karl Bartos had now left the band (although Bartos claimed in later interviews that much of his programming work was still featured on The Mix, uncredited).

All songs taken from the original 12" single on Elektra 66526
Purchase the original 12" single here

Kraftwerk - Robotnik (Kling Klang Extended Mix) 7:40
Kraftwerk - Robotronik (Kling Klang Mix) 4:52
Kraftwerk - Robots (Single Edit) 3:43
Song charted on Augus 17, 1991. Spent 4 weeks on the chart and reached #42

Check out the video for the remix....

Monday, July 30, 2007

Heavy D & The Boys - Mr. Big Stuff

Born In Queens, New York in 1967, Dwight Meyers is a rapper who was the former president of Uptown Records. What hasn't this guy done...read futher.

In 1987, Heavy D & The Boyz released their debut Living Large, which was a commercial success. It wasn't until 1989, when Big Tyme was released, that they really broke through to commercial sucess. That LP produced 4 hits including We Got Our Own Thing.

He also appeared in the movies Life & Cider House Rules. He was also in the TV show Boston Public and the sit com Tracy Morgan Show.

Today's post was taken from Heavy D & The Boys debut LP. This was the lead off single for that LP. On the dance chart, it faired OK with a respectable peak position of #26.

Song taken from the original 12" single on MCA 23691
Purchase the original 12" single here

Mr. Big Stuff (Extended Version) 4:57
Song charted on January 10, 1987. Spent 6 weeks on the chart and reached #26