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Friday, August 10, 2007

Deep Dish w/ Everything But The Girl - Future Of The Future

Iranians can dance???? I didn't think so either until Deep Dish came along. The Washington DC based production duo of Ali Shirazinia & Sharam Tayebi were both born in Iran. Moving to America in the early 90's, they established themselves as one of the most top-flight producers & DJ.

First rising to prominence after the release of Junk Science in 1998, they have spent their time trotting around the glove creating celebrated remixes. Some of their work can be heard on Nitzer Ebb's Control I'm Here Dubfire Remixes. They even worked with Paul Van Dyke, Dido, Timo Maas, Justin Timberlake & Depeche Mode (just to name a few). In 2002, the two landed themselves their first Grammy for the remix of Dido's Thank You.

This post is the only time they appeared on the Dance Disco chart with one of their own songs. It is a collaboration with Everything But The Girl. Remember them? What happened to Everything But The Girl. In 1998, this song really packed them in on the dance floor.

Taken from the original 12" single on Arista 13566
Future Of The Future (Stay Gold) (Main Mix) 9:28
Charted on October 10, 1998. Spent 11 weeks on the chart and reached #1

Watch the video

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Boomtang Boys - Popcorn

The Boomtang Boys are an electronic production trio from Toronto, Canada, consisting of brothers Paul and Tony Grace with Rob DeBoer. They are one of Canada's most popular remix outfits creating remixes for Canadian non-dance artists such as The Philosopher Kings, Bif Naked, Cory Hart and Ashley MacIsaac. In 2002 they changed their name to just Boomtang since Paul Grace left the group.

In 1999 they finally made a splash in the US with the release of Popcorn. This song is a remake of the 1972 top 10 single by Hot Butter. It even incorporates a computer generated voice saying POPCORN. This was the first and only time the Boomtang Boys appeared on the US dance charts. It a fun little ditty. Hope you enjoy it.

Taken from the original Virgin Canadian Import
Popcorn (Like Butta Mix) 5:24
Song charted on February 13, 1999. Spent 9 weeks on the chart and reached #26

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hues Corporation - I Caught Your Act

In 1994, Hues Corporation's #1 pop song "Rock the Boat" is considered one of the first commercially successful "Disco" songs. In 1977, they saw their highest position on the Disco chart with today's post.

Formed in 1969 in L.A, their name was taken as a pun on the Playboy corporation owned by Howard Hughes. They consisted of Hubert Ann Kelly, St. Clair Lee and Flemming Williams. Tommy Brown eventually replaced Williams and he can be heard on this track. They finally called it a day in 1978.

I Caught Your Act, the title track of their 1977 LP, was their third appearance on the Disco chart and was greeted on the dance floor with great success. It peaked at #3, however, radio didn't like and would not play it. It only peaked at #92 on the pop chart.

I feel this was one of their better efforts. It comes very close to the polished sound of Rock The Boat. Let me know your thoughts on this song.

Taken from the original 12" single on Warner Brothers 8400
I Caught Your Act (Disco Mix) 4:30
Song charted on April 9, 1977. Spent 14 weeks on the chart and reached #3

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wink - Higher State Of Consciousness

Wink is electronic musician/producer Josh Wink. A native of Philadelphia, he was a pioneering DJ in the American rave sene in the early 90's.

He was the most prominent exponent of the tribal forms of technow and house in the US. His current style is a mixture of techno, acid, house, and drum and bass.

Todays post topped the dance floor in Europe and reached the top 10 in America. It's a song that everyone knows. I call it the R2-D2 Orgasm Song. Listen to found out why.

Taken from the original 12" single on Strictly Rhythm 12321
Higher State Of Consciousness (Tweekin Acid Funk) 6:15
Song charted on march 25, 1995. Spent 11 weeks on the chart and reached #10

Monday, August 6, 2007

Gayle Adams - Love Fever

Gayle Adams first broke on the scene in 1980 with the release of her self titled debut. In 1981, she stirred dancefloors with the LP "Love Fever", which included today's post.

The 12" single of "Love Fever" preceded the album. With it's urban funk appeal, it quickly shot up the club charts. It also faired well on the Urban Chart reaching #24.

Another song from her sophomore effort, Baby I Need Your Loving, received airplay at the clubs, yet never charted. Other than this song, no other song charted. With disco in a turmoil in the early 80's and her label, Prelude, at a loss on how to handle her success, she was forced out of what could have been a more successful career.

Here is Love Fever in it's entirety

Taken from the original 12" single on Prelude 618
Gayle Adams - Love Fever (Vocal Version) 7:07
Song charted on November 14, 1981. Charted for 16 weeks and reached #6