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Friday, July 13, 2007

Just Starting

This is my new blog!!!! Dance lovers are some of the most passionate and active fans in all of music. Whether you're a fan of classic disco, new wave, post-punk, techno, rave, house, acid, electronica, trip-hop or any of the other numerous permutations of the above, it is my sincere hope that you will find this blog an invaluable spot in your favorites list.

During the summer of 1974, Billboard magazine started reporting on the large number of new discotheque clubs opening around the US. These clubs attracted a huge youth following with such songs as "Rock The Boat" by Hues Corporation and "Rock Your Baby" by George McCrae. (These two songs are often cited as the first commercially successful "DISCO" singles.) The first chart to appear in Billboard was October 26, 1974 and was based on audience response in New York clubs. That chart eventually splintered into a rotation of charts from other cities as well including but not limited to Atlanta, LA, San Fransisco, and Chicago. On August 28, 1976, Billboard introduce their first "National" chart called National Disco Action Top 30. This became a Top 40 chart on September 11, 1976, then to a Top 60 chart on April 7, 1979. The next week they released a Top 80 chart and continued this until September 8, 1979 with the Disco Top 100. Eventually it got reduced to a Top 50 chart on March 16, 1985 and has been that way until the present.

With this blog, I will start posting the songs that charted on the various Billboards Hot Dance/Disco Charts between 1974-2004. Also included will be little tid bits of each song. Hope you will find this blog one of your favorites and it is my sincere hope that it will satisfy your hunger to find out more about dance music and it's ever-evolving styles.

The first post will be here on Monday July 16, 2007. Please stay tuned.