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Friday, July 27, 2007

Karen Young - Deetour

Karen Young was a disco singer best known for her dance floor smash "Hot Shot" from 1978. Born in Philadelphia on March 23, 1951. She met a shocking end in January 1991 when she died at age 39 from a bleeding ulser.

In the early 70's she performed with a group named "Sandd." Featuring local musicians Frank Gilckin on lead guitar, George Emertz on rythym guitar, Frank Ferraro on bass and Dennis Westman on drums. They had no recordings but were popular in clubs in the Philly and NJ area. One of their last gigs was at the Spectrum supporting The Rascals.

Today's post was the last time that Karen saw one of her songs make the Dance/Disco chart. It didn't fair too well with the clubbers at the time and only reached #34 in the summer of '82.

This song took me a long time to find and now the world won't have to wait to have it. Here is the promotional 12" Party Mix for Deetour

Song taken from the Original 12" Promo on Atlantic 333
Purchase the original 12" single here

Deetour (Party Mix) 8:22
Song charted on June 12, 1982. Spent 13 weeks on the chart and reached #34

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Perfect Phase - Horny Horns

Another one hit wonder from the late 90's. Perfect Phase consisted of Freek Fontein & Willem Faber. They also recorded under the aliases Freak & Mac Zimms, Freespirit and Those 2.

This song was their only appearance on any of the Billboard charts. Peaking at #4 in 2000, it is a great dance song for those of you who love instrumental dance songs.

This song was taken from the original 12" single on Groovilicious 204

Purchace the original 12" single here

Horny Horns (Club Mix) 6:35
Song charted on December 25, 1999. Spent 14 weeks on the chart and peaked at #4

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Avant Garde - Get Down

"Get down, get all the way down. Get your feet back on the ground. That was Avant Garde's slogan at the end of the 90's.

Not much is know about this group. The only thing I could find anywhere was at Discogs.com. From that web site, Avant Garde consisted of DJ Maui, Jerry Ropero & Terri Bjerre.

This song was their only appearance on Billboard's Hot Dance/Disco chart. I'm suprised at this since their sound is very similar to that of Daft Punk. Maybe it was so similar that people thought is was them. Anyway, it was released in 1999 and was one of the biggest dance songs of that year peaking at #12. If you like Daft Punk, be sure to check out this song. It's one of my favorites!

Taken from the original 12" single on Groovilicious 200
Purchase the original 12" single here

Get Down (Club X-Tended) - 6:56
Get Down (Klubbheads Mix) - 6:20
Song charted on November 6, 1999. Spent 13 weeks on the chart and peaked at #12

Check out the video for Get Down (Again)

Avantgarde - Get Down (Again) - kewego
Avantgarde - Get Down (Again) - kewego

Avantgarde - Get Down (Again) - kewego
One of the biggest club tracks ever. "Get Down Put Your Feed Back On The Ground".

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams

Jaydee is actually Robin Albers. He was born in 1958 in the Netherlands. He began his career as a DJ in 1978 at age 20. In 1984 Jan Steeman of AVRO Radio offered him a contract and started a long career on national radio. That same year he started the Dutch mixing championships which came many of the stars today (DJ Jean, DJ Gizmo, Michel de Hey and many others).

In 1991 he started his own dance club, Binnenplaats, but, because of the success of today's post, he could not be there all the time and the club closed in 1994. In 1992 he was the first DJ to perform in Moscow.

Today's post will always have it's place in history in the club scene. EVERYONE knows this tune. It all started in late 1992-Early 1993 and it has scene several yearly remakes, several bootlegs and several mashups. But this time, it's legit. It's the original "Plastic Dreams" that started it all. Can it get any more real than that? BTW it's the only time this song OFFICIALLY CHARTED and the only appearance from Jaydee on the charts

From the original 12" single on Epic 74992
Purchase the original 12" single here
Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (Original 12" Long Version) 10:11
Song charted on May 22, 1993. Spent 12 weeks on the chart and peaked at #1

Monday, July 23, 2007

Prince - Let's Go Crazy / Erotic City

Prince sure was one in the eighties. Everything he seemed to touch turned to gold. If it was acting, writing songs, production work or releasing his own music, it was a sure hit. This post is no different.

Taken from one of the best movies of 1984, the second single from Purple Rain, spent a whopping 20 weeks on the chart and eventually peaking in the #1 spot. The flip side, a single only release until the A-side B-side greatest hits package, is still a dance floor filler to this day and one that people will be requesting for many years to come. A true party song.

You can check out the video for Let's Go Crazy here

Billboard listed both songs as one listing and I'm posting both today.

Taken from the original 12" single on Warner Bros. 20228
Purchase the original 12" single here

Let's Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix) - 7:35
Erotic City (Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive) 7:24

Both songs charted on August 18, 1984. Spent 20 weeks on the chart and peaked at #1