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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vote for DJ Shooter's Year-End countdown

I was searching around for new songs and came across DJ Shooter's Club 80's. If you don't know about this site, it is a DJ mix site where he creates a special mix everyday. While browsing around I noticed he stopped for quite awhile and is now back posting the Ultimix Series in mix form. He is also offering the individual tracks. This might take some time!!!!!!

Anyway, that is not the reason I'm posting this about the site. The real reason I'm making this special post is while I was downloading from his site, I noticed that he is trying something that I don't think any blog has tried before. (At least no to my knowledge)

He is asking all the readers to send him an e-mail with their Top 5 favorite club tracks of the 80's. He will then take all those favorites and rank them from 100 to Number One in a year end mix show. Send him an e-mail at Jklebar@bradyanglin.com and tell him your favorite songs and see what comes out at the end of the year.

You probably guessed that DJ Shooter is me. That is my other site.

All for now.

1 comment:

djdeeds said...

He he, you are a great self promoter,and justified in doing so too.I have both this site and the forum on my fave list as the content has been outstanding.It also shows when a blogger has a genuine love for music and mixing,if it's in the blood it shows.Good on you...but how to pick out of so many great tunes...hmmm.I did kinda love "Meet my friend" by Eddy Huntington when it came out.(maybe try a little boom boom/meet my friend mix!)