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Monday, January 7, 2008

Count Coolout - Rhythm Rap Rock

Can we copy "The Sugarhill Gang" and have a hit ourselves? That is exactly what Count Coolout did with this club hit from 1981.

Listen to this track and I'm sure you will think that your listening to Rapper's Delight (except without the Chic sample.

Count Coolout is really James Minor, who was born in Brooklyn. His style was heavily influenced by Jimmy Spicer and began his career as a background singer for him.

His first record came out in 1980 on Boss Records and was produced by Billy Nichols & the Count. He also recorded on WMOT records.

Although "Rhythm Rap Rock" and "Here To Stay" were his two big records, only Rhythm Rap Rock charted on the dance chart.

As of Summer 2003 he is running his old label, Jathom Records, with product to be released prior to the end of this summer. He is even got some new music of his own in the works.

Taken from the original 12" single on Boss 73
Count Coolout - Rhythm Rap Rock (12" Version) 12:43
Song charted on January 31, 1981. Spent 2 weeks on the chart and reached #82

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