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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bryan Adams - Let Me Take You Dancing

Let Me Take You Dancing is a song recorded by Bryan Adams. It was written by Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams and was later remixed by John Luongo. It is notable for being Adams' first solo single and his first ever release as a solo artist.

The song is a disco track that is somewhat different from Adams' later rock sound. It was one of the first songs that Adams and Vallance wrote together and was based on a rag-time piano riff inspired by Robbie King that Vallance had written. The writing took place during February 1978 and the song was recorded at Pinewood Studios by Geoff Turner. Although the single experienced some minor radio success, respected remixer John Luongo was recruited to remix the song to make it sound like a proper disco track ready for release in the USA. For the remix to be a success, Luongo deemed it necessary to increase the tempo of the song. Unfortunately due to the lack of time compression at that time, it was impossible to increase the tempo of the song without increasing the pitch of Adams' vocals. Adams was disappointed with the sped-up sound.

Co-writer Jim Vallance states that "I don't doubt the single's success contributed to Bryan eventually being signed directly to the label [A&M Records]". However, to this day Adams has distanced himself from the single and has only performed it live on a handful of occasions.

Taken from the original 12" single on A&M 12014
Let Me Take You Dancing (Disco Mix) - 5:35
Song charted on April 28, 1979. Spent 23 weeks on the chart and reached #22

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twostepcub said...

Nice post! I have this only on a disc mix cd i got at some Spanish record store in Manhattan ages ago. I can understand why he's avoided it, i'm surprised he played it live in concert at all...