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Friday, November 9, 2007

AB Logic - Get Up (Move Boy Move)

With today's post, I am choosing the follow-up single from post. After AB Logic had success with Hitman, they picked another track to pack the dance floor. This one has all same things the other song had (It's almost the same song). However this song had better dance floor success reaching #15. Hope this brings back some memories for you. I know it did for me....

Taken from the original 12" single on Interscope 96096
Get Up (Move Boy Move) (12" Extended) - 5:55
Get Up (Move Boy Move) (Killer Mix) - 5:20
Get Up (Move Boy Move) (Street Mix) - 5:05
Song charted on December 26, 1992. Spent 10 weeks on the chart and reached #15


jpb2525 said...

This was one of my favorite songs to dance to! I was a former boxboy, this song allowed me to let loose...thanks for the post!

Da®®yl Von Rokk (skin2skin) said...

I agree.

The whole AB Logic CD is great!!