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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mister President - Coco Jamboo

Mr. President is a dance group consisting of German-born vocalists Judith Hildebrandt (T-Seven aka T) who left the project in 2000, Daniela Haak (Lady Danii aka Lady Dany aka Danii) who also appeared in Kai Matthiesen's project "Reset feat. Danii", and rapper Sir Prophet Of Funk, who was kicked out of the project when the two girls refused to work with him anymore because of his attitude after the success of "Up 'n' Away". He was replaced with rapper Delroy Rennalls (Lazy Dee aka Lazy). When Judith left, a female singer called Nadia took her spot, but she didn't stay for long. Her part was eventually given to Myra who did background-vocals for Mr. President before and was also involved to the project "Paffendorf".

Released in 1997, this is the only time the group charted in the US. I can't believe it's been 10 years.

I feel this song was ahead of it's time. It's got a nice African grove, basic lyrics and a catchy hook. (I still don't know what a Coco Jamboo is or what it means).

Song taken from the original promotional 12" single on Warner Bros.
Coco Jamboo (Extended Version) - 5:45
Song charted on August 2, 1997. Spent 11 weeks on the chart and reached #17

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