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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hues Corporation - I Caught Your Act

In 1994, Hues Corporation's #1 pop song "Rock the Boat" is considered one of the first commercially successful "Disco" songs. In 1977, they saw their highest position on the Disco chart with today's post.

Formed in 1969 in L.A, their name was taken as a pun on the Playboy corporation owned by Howard Hughes. They consisted of Hubert Ann Kelly, St. Clair Lee and Flemming Williams. Tommy Brown eventually replaced Williams and he can be heard on this track. They finally called it a day in 1978.

I Caught Your Act, the title track of their 1977 LP, was their third appearance on the Disco chart and was greeted on the dance floor with great success. It peaked at #3, however, radio didn't like and would not play it. It only peaked at #92 on the pop chart.

I feel this was one of their better efforts. It comes very close to the polished sound of Rock The Boat. Let me know your thoughts on this song.

Taken from the original 12" single on Warner Brothers 8400
I Caught Your Act (Disco Mix) 4:30
Song charted on April 9, 1977. Spent 14 weeks on the chart and reached #3


Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Better in some ways to 'Rock The Boat', it was a tighter production, that's for sure. It was released on 45 (I know I, bought it in May of '77) and I think I heard it once on the local disco station, and that was that. Should've been a much bigger hit, but I'm not sure Warners knew what to do with it (RCA had released their previous material). Glad the clubs liked it, though, and that it was re-relased later on a disco CD compilation.

Thanks for posting one of my favorites!

stevenchester said...

my 1st partner luved this song soooo much. well at the time he was over a decade older than me and now i can appreciate it just a bit :D