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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Red Flag - Count To Three / Give Me Your Hand

Red Flag is a Duo originating from Liverpool, England. The group consisted of brothers Mark & Chris Reynolds, who, in 1979, moved to San Diego.

They first started playin electronic music in 1982, when Mark bought a Roland JUNO-60. They started recording under the name Shades Of May. During 1984, after they recieved offers to play live, the two began to study music and computer technology. During this time, they changed the name to Red Flag. Many would associated this with the flag of the Soviet Union. The brothers, however, insisted that it was taken from a surfers warning flag.

After their first release in 1988, the band was critisized as being a Depeche Mode knock off. I feel however their sound is alot darker and more meaningful than Depeche Mode's.

Today's post is the fourth time the group made and dance chart. At the time, Billboard listed both songs on the 12" as one chart position. On the original 12", Razormaid Remix Service contributed 2 songs, which, I'm including in today's post.

Taken from the original 12" single on Enigma 75545
Count To Three (Razormaid Remix) - 6:48
Give Me Your Hand (Razormaid Mix) - 6:53
Songs charted on June 16, 1990. Spent 9 weeks on the chart and reached #13

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