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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hipsway - Honeythief

The pop group from Scotland, Hipsway, consisted of Graham Skinner (vocals), Pim Jones (guitar), John McElhone (bass) and Harry Travers (drums). Johnny who was formerly with Altered Images formed the band in 1984, and quicly their music was characterised by deep vocals and tight guitar playing. In 1985, they were signed with Mercury, in the UK, and Columbia, in the US, and released their self-titled debut. After the sucess of this LP, McElhone left to form the band Texas (remember I Don't Want A Lover). They finally released their second LP in 1989. Shortly after, the band went their seperate ways.

Today's post was the third single off their debut. The first two, Broken Years and Ask The Lord, failed to crack the US chart. This song, however, was a top 20 pop hit in both the UK and US. With their first appearance on the dance chart, it broke the top 10.

Taken from the original 12" single on Columbia 05988
Honeythief (Extended Version) 4:36
Song charted on February 21, 1987. Spent 10 weeks on the chart and reached #9


C said...

thanks for posting this! i used to love this song.

Anonymous said...

Shame hipsway never got any further than they did. I know Grahame personally an he's one of the most inspirational an positive guys i've ever met so far oO